Born in 1979, Christina began her professional work experience in the drafting and mechanical design fields, in Long Beach, CA. Christina joined INDUSTRIAL CHEMICAL SOLUTIONS COMPANY in 1998. Christina was just 19 years old at that time.

Christina was originally hired as an outside sales person.... having no prior sales experience. What Christina did have, though, was a shared vision of dedication to our Customers' needs and a drive to deliver high quality products in a very timely fashion. Christina quickly surpassed the sales performance of the others on the sales staff. During these first few years, Christina focused on ways to better serve our Customers' needs. At the same time, Christina also took on a big interest on gaining product knowledge about all things related to chemical /lubrication product application.

It wasn't long, during her 2nd year with us, that Christina took on the role of technical adviser, to our Customers and the entire Sales Staff. During Christina's 5th year, at the age of 24, she was promoted to Sales Manager. She continued her dedication to our Customers' needs and the products that we distributed. In her 8th year with the organization, at the age of 27, Christina was promoted to General Manager. Christina has now been with our organization for nearly 19 years! Her dedication to serving our Customers and her knowledge of industrial fluids, is unmatched. It is very often, that industry leaders in the lubrication and chemical world, call upon Christina for her technical advise and recommendation.... A fact that we are all very proud of.

Christina continues to surpass in sales performance and continues to find better ways to serve our Customers with greater satisfaction! Together, Christina works, hand in hand, with our Sales Staff, ensuring that our Customers have the best and most qualified account representation available..... After all, we exist only because of our Customers!